Research :: California Initiative to Improve Adolescent Health by the Year 2010

NAHIC partnered with the California Department of Health Services, Maternal and Child Health Branch to implement the California Initiative to Improve Adolescent Health by the Year 2010 (CIIAH). CIIAH was launched in 2003 as a state-level counterpart to the National Initiative to Improve Adolescent Health by the Year 2010. Like the National Initiative, CIIAH was created to elevate the focus on the health and well-being of adolescents and young adults. Just as the National Initiative focuses on the 21 Critical Health Objectives for adolescents and young adults in Healthy People 2010, CIIAH addresses 27 critical outcome indicators for California identified in California’s statewide strategic plan for adolescent health, Investing in Adolescent Health: A Social Imperative for California’s Future. This plan, released by the California Adolescent Health Collaborative, provides a long-range vision for improving the health and well-being of California’s youth. As part of CIIAH, the California Maternal and Child Health Branch contracts with NAHIC to provide technical assistance to counties, and to produce and disseminate policy materials on adolescent health.




August 1, 2004


Health of California’s Adolescents: Findings from the 2001 California Health Interview Survey

Topics covered in the report include: adult supervision and parental monitoring; adherence to safety standards; diet and physical activity; tobacco, alcohol and marijuana use; and sexual activity, including pregnancy and disease prevention.


National Network of State Adolescent Health Coordinators Assessment

This preliminary report highlights the key findings of the 2005-06 National Network of State Adolescent Health Coordinators (NNSAHC) assessment.


Youth Violence: Lessons from the Experts

This monograph discusses the factors that contribute to youth violence and presents current findings on ways to protect youth from violence. It is aimed at health care professionals, educators, maternal and child health directors, adolescent health coordinators, government policymakers, and community youth organizations. It contains information to help evaluate violence prevention programs and contains recommendations […]


Improving Adolescent Health: An Analysis and Synthesis of Policy Recommendations

This 1998 report reviewed over 1,000 adolescent health policy recommendations which were developed by government agencies, private foundations, and various task forces and commissions. It identifies consensus policy priorities and strategies for implementation; delineates critical barriers that may impede implementation; and highlights policy areas.


Non-Federal Adolescent Health Resources

This document provides an annotated list of nearly 250 adolescent health resources available from non-federal organizations.