Research :: NAHIC Presents at IOM Young Adult Workshop

NAHIC was represented by senior faculty Drs. Claire Brindis and Charles E. Irwin Jr. at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and National Research Council conference held in Washington, D.C. in May 2013. The focus of the workshop was “Improving the Health, Safety, and Well-Being of Young Adults.”

To view recordings of their presentations, please click here. PDF versions of Dr. Brindis’s presentation, “A Changing Landscape: Overview and Cross-Cutting Themes,” and Dr. Irwin’s, “Access and Utilization of Health Care by Young Adults,” available by clicking the links. If you would like PowerPoint versions of the presentations, please contact us.

The workshop webpage,, contains an interactive infographic, with facts, themes, and several short video clips from the workshop. The report can be downloaded for free, and paperback copies are also available. This workshop represents the first phase of a three-year consensus study.


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August 4, 2014


Claire Brindis IOM Presentation
Charles Irwin IOM Presentation


A Federal Monitoring System for Early Adult Health

This 2008 article reviews existing federal data collection efforts and reporting systems to identify what pieces currently exist to support an effective health monitoring system for young adults.

Data and Monitoring | Guidelines/Recommendations | Journal Articles | Transitions & Trajectories | Young Adults

Starting on a Healthy Path: Promotion of Young Men’s Sexual Health

This 2007 article summarizes the key health issues surrounding male sexual health, including risky behaviors and sexually transmitted infections.

Journal Articles | Males | Sexual and Reproductive Health | Socio-demographic disparities | Young Adults

State Policies and Adolescent Alcohol Use

Consistent with prior research, a 2014 Research Brief from our partners at Child Trends presented mixed findings on the relationship between state policy and adolescent alcohol use. Higher beer taxes and laws requiring that beer kegs be registered are associated with decreases in adolescent drinking, laws that impose a driver’s license penalty for consumption are […]

Policy | Reports | State Policy | Substance Use

Young Adult Preventive Health Guidelines: There But Can’t Be Found

This review of existing preventive health guidelines for adolescents and adults recommends the establishment of “Young Adult Preventive Care Guidelines” that reflect the current evidence-based recommendations that overlap with the young adult age group.

Clinical Guidelines | Clinical Preventive Services | Journal Articles | Young Adults

Use of Mental Health Counseling as Adolescents Become Young Adults

This 2008 article uses AddHealth data to compare rates of mental health counseling use between adolescents and young adults.

Journal Articles | Mental/Behavioral Health | Transitions & Trajectories | Young Adults