Research :: National Network of State Adolescent Health Coordinators (The Network)

NAHIC staff have been working closely with the National Network of State Adolescent Health Coordinators (formerly known as the State Adolescent Health Coordinators Network), the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs (AMCHP), CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health, the State Adolescent Health Resource Center (SAHRC, of the Konopka Institute for Best Practices in Adolescent Health), the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), and other partners to increase the capacity of State Adolescent Health programs. NAHIC faculty and staff have participated in a range of Network activities including: the annual conference; development of state-level indicators for monitoring adolescent health and Network strategic planning activities.

Dr. Brindis is currently working with SAHRC to publish and disseminate the monograph, Improving the Health of Youth: A Guide for State-Level Strategic Planning and Action. This guide offers State Adolescent Health Coordinators and others guidance in developing strategic health plans for their states. NAHIC staff have also assisted the Network in its efforts to assessing the needs and assets of State Adolescent Health Coordinators. Currently, NAHIC staff are helping create a survey to address transitions among coordinators. Results will be used to explore strategies for supporting long-term coordinators and easing the transitions for new coordinators.




December 30, 2004


NAHIC Fact Sheets

Over the last five years, NAHIC has created a series of Fact Sheets on adolescent and young adult health that are concise and easy to use. Access all nine.


Health of California’s Adolescents: Findings from the 2001 California Health Interview Survey

Topics covered in the report include: adult supervision and parental monitoring; adherence to safety standards; diet and physical activity; tobacco, alcohol and marijuana use; and sexual activity, including pregnancy and disease prevention.


National Network of State Adolescent Health Coordinators Assessment

This preliminary report highlights the key findings of the 2005-06 National Network of State Adolescent Health Coordinators (NNSAHC) assessment.


Adolescent Health at the Crossroads: Where do We Go from Here?

The presidential address at the SAM 2003 meeting focusing on the future of adolescent health.


Young People’s Health Care: A National Imperative

This 2006 paper is intended to inform policymakers, health professionals, health insurance purchasers, beneficiaries, young adults and their families about the health status and coverage issues young adults face as they strive to reach self-sufficiency.