Research :: Receipt of Psychological or Emotional Counseling by Suicidal Adolescents

This article examines the utilization of psychological or emotional counseling by suicidal adolescents to answer questions about the extent to which health services can contribute to the prevention of adolescent suicide.

Pirkis, J. E., Irwin, C. E., Jr., Brindis, C., Biehl, M., & Patton, G. C. (2003) Receipt of psychological or emotional counseling by suicidal adolescents. Pediatrics, 111, 877 (e388).


Depression, Mental/Behavioral Health, Mental/Behavioral Health Care, Suicide


February 8, 2003


Jane E. Pirkis, PhD, Charles E. Irwin, Jr, MD, Claire D. Brindis, DrPH, Michael G. Sawyer, PhD, Christine Friestad, PhD, Michael Biehl, MA, George C. Patton, PhD


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