September 25, 2017

Emerging Issues: Developing models of care for transgender youth

Developing models of care for transgender youth (S. Vance, UCSF; C. Guss, BCH/HU LEAH fellow; D. Breland, UW).

      This activity also supports new investigators: Dr. Vance is a first-year UCSF faculty; Dr. Guss is a first-year faculty member at BCH/HU; and Dr. Breland joined the UW faculty in 2009. This team has collaborated on project to understand how and when gender identity is assessed and documented in various clinical settings and what potential best practices and barriers exists.  The team developed a survey that assessed if and how each of the LEAH sites evaluated and documented gender identity in their electronic health record (EHR) for clients seen in their clinical practices.  The surveys also queried sites on their barriers to screening for gender identity and including such questions in their EHR.  Furthermore, the survey asked sites to provide copies of their EHR note templates if they included questions regarding gender identity so that the different questions used across sites could be evaluated.  Each of the seven LEAH sites completed the survey for a 100% response rate.

We are currently in the data analysis phase of the project and anticipate drafting a manuscript of the project’s findings soon.