March 23, 2023

COVID-19 NAHIC Resources

Click here for adolescent and young adult specific COVID-19 resources.

2020 National Advisory Board Proceedings


2020 National Advisory Meeting Resources for Partners


AYAH-NRC Staff PowerPoint Presentations: 

Introduction Slides
Participant Introductions
Adolescent Well Visit Update Slides
Young Adult Update Slides
CoIIN Update Slides 
COVID Lessons Learned Slides 



This section lists resources mentioned in either the staff updates and/or the Chat box. Many are also available on the Center’s home page or COVID page

Support for the Well Visit

Expanding focus on Young Adult Health

CoIIN Resources

  • Screen to Intervene Blog on Behavioral Health. 
  • Webinars on delivering care during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

From the Chat Box – COVID Resource Pages Plus Other Resources 

Be sure to check out the AYAH-NRC COVID resource page, it contains links to COVID resource pages from core Center Partners: AMCHP, UMn/SAHRC & UVm/NIPN, and more! 


Updated October 20, 2020