March 23, 2023

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Jason Schaub, MPH

Jason Schaub Jason Schaub, MPH 
Project Associate

Jason’s career was built upon serving maternal and child health (MCH) populations. Diagnosed with type-I diabetes as a child, he is intimately aware of the clinical and environmental-wide challenges imposed on younger populations when faced with managing disease or disorder. He holds a Masters in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley where he was subsequently awarded an MCH Traineeship through the Maternal and Child Health Bureau. Prior to joining UCSF, Jason worked at the University of New Mexico CDC Prevention Research Center, leading an early childhood nutrition and physical activity curriculum that was recently adopted as a toolkit by the USDA.

Jason’s interests are extensive, with a distinct focus on health policy evaluation. He has published research on school physical education and nutrition policies and functioned as a contributing author for a book on Integrative Medicine approaches towards combatting childhood obesity. His professional objective focuses on the adoption of a modernized, health-based physical education curriculum designed to better address the needs of today’s youth. Additional interests include food-system equity and sustainability, and adolescent mental health interventions and policies. His duties at the Center include developing educational and training materials, assisting with scholarly research, and overall strategic planning and administrative duties. In his free time, Jason leads a boutique photography company and engages with the outdoor adventure community through his cookbook Overland Cookery.