Research :: A Profile of Adolescent Health: The Role of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

This article reviews the gender and racial/ethnic disparities in adolescent health.

Brindis C., Park M. J., Paul T., & Burg S. (2002). A profile of adolescent health: The role of race, ethnicity, and gender. Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work, 11(1/2), 1-32.


Mental/Behavioral Health, Mortality, Risky Behavior, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Socio-demographic disparities, Substance Use, Trends


February 6, 2002


Claire Brindis, M. Jane Park, Tina Paul & Scott Burg
Claire Brindis, M. Jane Park, Tina Paul & Scott Burg


Adolescent Health Highlight: Physical Development and Daily Health Habits

This report by NAHIC and Child Trends discusses the importance of nurturing healthy habits during adolescence to support physical growth. It discusses the effects of habits including diet, physical activity, sleep, and oral health.

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How High School Policies Shape Substance Use

In partnership with NAHIC, researchers at Child Trends used national longitudinal data to examine how high school policies shape substance use in young adulthood. The brief examines several policies, as well as individual, family and peer factors relevant to substance use. Research findings suggest that policies to promote a positive school environment are more likely […]

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The Health of America’s Middle Childhood Population

This 2002 monograph describes the environment in which children live and presents diverse measures of wellbeing, as well as traditional measures of health.

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Investing in Adolescence: Building a Strong Foundation for Male Health

This 2007 article reviews the overall health of adolescent males and discusses the issues we should focus on to improve male health.

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What Gets Measured Gets Done: Assessing Data Availability for Adolescent Populations

This 2007 paper provides an overview of the availability of data for specific adolescent sub-populations, such as rural and homeless/runaway youth, by the 21 Critical Health Objectives of Healthy People 2010.

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