Research :: A Guide to Evidence-Based Programs for Adolescent Health: Programs, Tools, and More

The past decade has witnessed a tremendous expansion of research and resources on “what works” to improve adolescent health. Despite the greater selection of effective programs and practical tools, this valuable implementation information is difficult to locate in one place.  This resource has two aims:

  • To serve as a guide to communities and practitioners for locating effective adolescent health interventions and
  • To identify selected “implementing tools” designed to help communities implement evidence-based programs.


This resource is available in two formats.

1. A PDF file is available here. The file has three sections:

  • A brief background that introduces the concept of “evidence-based” programs and considerations for communities to consider in using these programs;
  • A matrix listing web-based resources with evidence-based practices, showing the area(s) of adolescent health addressed by each resource (e.g., substance use, violence);
  • An annotated list of each resource in the matrix.


2. Visitors can access this information on-line without downloading the PDF. The information is available in two parts:

  • The background information in the PDF can be read on-line by clicking here.
  • The matrix and annotated list, with direct links to the web-based resource, can be viewed by clicking here.


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August 21, 2014


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