Research :: Helping Young Men Thrive: Positive Youth Development and Men’s Health

Positive youth development (PYD) is a strong and growing field that complements the traditional problem-focused view of youth, and describes and promotes the healthy development and positive outcomes of young people. The PYD perspective can be applied in clinical and community intervention settings. Frameworks such as the “Five Cs” and the Search Institute’s developmental assets model have guided researchers and practitioners in better understanding the process of PYD and the effectiveness of community interventions to promote PYD. The PYD literature lacks a coherent guiding framework to describe gender differences in positive development, which in turn could guide community and clinical interventions designed to help young men thrive.

Vo, D.Z., & Park, M.J. (2009). Helping Young Men Thrive: Positive Youth Development and Men’s Health. Am J Mens Health, 3(4), 352-359


Developmental Science/Approach, Males, Young Adults


February 11, 2009


Dzung X. Vo and M. Jane Park


How High School Policies Shape Substance Use

In partnership with NAHIC, researchers at Child Trends used national longitudinal data to examine how high school policies shape substance use in young adulthood. The brief examines several policies, as well as individual, family and peer factors relevant to substance use. Research findings suggest that policies to promote a positive school environment are more likely […]

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Starting on a Healthy Path: Promotion of Young Men’s Sexual Health

This 2007 article summarizes the key health issues surrounding male sexual health, including risky behaviors and sexually transmitted infections.

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Health Insurance Across Vulnerable Ages: Patterns and Disparities from Adolescence to the Early 30s

his 2007 article presents an analysis of patterns of health insurance, both public and privately funded, among young people from early adolescence through their early 30s.

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Health Care for Adolescents and Young Adults Leaving Foster Care

This 2006 issue brief describes the young people who are aging out of foster care, their health status, and the barriers they face when leaving foster care.

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Stress and Stress Management Among Youth and Young Men

This 2008 article examines research related to stress and stress management, with a focus on young males.

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