January 20, 2018


About the Resource Center

The Center aims to promote adolescent and young adult (AYA) health by strengthening the abilities of State Title V MCH Programs, as well as public health and clinical health professionals, to better serve these populations (ages 10-25).

Our work focuses on increasing the receipt of quality preventive visits for AYAs. This is a focus of many state Title V programs, including those that selected National Performance Measure (NPM) #10: percent of adolescents (ages 12-17) with a past-year preventive visit. (Click here for more information about adolescent-focused NPMs).

A major foci of the center is the AYAH Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN):

We are adapting the CoIIN model to help selected states address the well visit for adolescents and young adults. The CoIIN model, used by many states to address infant mortality, combines collaborative learning and quality improvement methods to drive a national strategy. We launched our first CoIIN in May 2015 with Iowa, Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas, and Vermont.  The second CoIIN was launched in April 2017 with Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Washington, and Wyoming. Click here to view resources and products that have been developed by our CoIIN states.

Read below to learn more about the 3 objectives of our project:

Getting AYAs to the Door for Preventive Care


Learning Community #2: Marketing the AYA Well Visit is a virtual learning series that provides ideas and concepts to engage young people in health.

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Improving access to preventive services is critical to ensuring AYAs receive this recommended annual preventive visit (aka ‘well-visit’).

This includes:

  • Improving outreach and enrollment efforts to health insurance
  • Improving education/marketing about the well-visit
  • Leveraging opportunities at existing clinical encounters with AYAs (e.g., acute/illness visits, sports physicals, contraceptive counseling)

Improve the Quality of Preventive Services


Charting and training tools from a successful intervention to increase delivery of preventive services to adolescents in a large HMO system.

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At the clinic-level:

  • Train providers & staff to strengthen the capacity to provide AYA-centered care
  • Strengthen clinic policies & practices to support AYA-centered care
  • Leverage existing AYA health care services to include well care (e.g., sports physicals, immunizations, family planning).

Improve State/Systems-Level Policies & Practices


This resource page contains information on the importance of confidential care for AYAs, along with a list of resources.

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This includes:

  • Strengthening confidentiality policies
  • Assure compliance with EPSDT
  • Adopt and promote Bright Futures/AAP Periodicity Schedule
  • Address policies and practices to assure access to high quality preventive services for the most vulnerable youth (e.g., foster care, juvenile justice).