June 3, 2023

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A Parent-Focused Intervention in Primary Care

Testing a parent-focused intervention in primary care (Poster presentation at SAHM 2018 meeting: Jones L, Grout R, Gilbert A, Wilkerson T, Downs S, Aalsma M. Do Caregivers Want to Talk about Parenting? Results from a Primary Care Based Survey. J Adolesc Health 2018;62 S37–S140)

Led by Dr. Aalsma with several students at Indiana University, the AYAH-RN conducted an exploratory study to implement a parenting intervention in the primary care setting.  The study tested integration of a screening tool for parents, which addresses areas such as adolescent communication, monitoring, and conflict, and examined parents’ views on such interventions in the primary care setting. Results indicate that parents (N=99) were receptive to interventions and were particularly interested in learning more about mental health and improving their relationship with their adolescent child.