March 25, 2023

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Integrated Behavioral Health in AYA Primary Care: A Review

Review article on Integrated Clinical Preventive Services. (Richardson LP, McCarty CA, Radovic A, Suleiman AB. Research in the integration of behavioral health for adolescents and young adults in primary care settings: A systematic review. J Adolesc Health. 2017; 60(3): 261-9.)

Drs. Richardson, McCarty, Radovic and Suleiman authored an article reviewing evidence for effective models of integrated mental/behavioral health care into primary health care settings for adolescents and young adults. This article filled a gap in this area, as most research on mental health treatment integration has focused on adults, despite a high prevalence and impact of mental health problems among youth and low treatment rates.

Reviewing randomized control trial studies of models of care, the authors found the strongest evidence for collaborative care for treating adolescent depression and coordinated care models for enhancing brief adolescent substance use interventions.