June 5, 2023

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Confidentiality Guides for AYAH CoIIN States

Beginning in 2016, the Center for Adolescent Health & the Law, with support from the AYAH National Resource Center, developed comprehensive confidentiality guides for each of the CoIIN states. The purpose of the guides is to inform health care providers and promote access to essential health care, including preventive health services, for adolescents and young adults.

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The guides begin with a background discussion of the rationale for confidentiality, the legal sources of confidentiality protection, and the research findings that support confidentiality. The background text also includes an explanation of the consent and confidentiality provisions in state and federal laws most relevant for the health care of adolescents and young adults.

Several tables and appendices provide an overview and detailed information about the state’s minor consent laws and the state and federal confidentiality laws most pertinent for minors and young adults. Each guide includes additional appendices with resources to assist providers in determining the scope of confidentiality protections that apply to the health care of adolescents and young adults.

Access the guides here:

Indiana AYAH Confidentiality Guide

Iowa AYAH Confidentiality Guide

Maryland AYAH Confidentiality Guide

Minnesota AYAH Confidentiality Guide

New Hampshire AYAH Confidentiality Guide

New Jersey AYAH Confidentiality Guide

New Mexico AYAH Confidentiality Guide

Texas AYAH Confidentiality Guide

Vermont AYAH Confidentiality Guide

Washington AYAH Confidentiality Guide

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