Adolescent and Health Professional Perspectives on the Medical Home: Improving Health Care Access and Utilization Under the ACA

This study, written by The University of California — Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies and Department of Pediatrics, Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine in collaboration with ICF International, is part of a series of publications associated with a multi-year evaluation of the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center (MSAHC), which provides comprehensive health services to adolescents and young adults ages 10-24 in the New York City metro area.

The purpose of this Health Policy Brief is to better understand adolescents’ views on what are considered core components of the medical home and identify barriers to promoting adolescent health in relation to the medical home. In addition, this study sought to better understand the needs and challenges in providing adolescents with access to medical homes—from the perspective of both adolescents and experts in adolescent health and medical home policy. To accomplish these goals, researchers conducted focus groups with adolescents, presented these findings to experts, and gathered experts’ reactions to the adolescents’ perspectives. This report includes a detailed description of the methods used for this study, followed by a summary of key focus group findings and the expert reactions to these findings.

Download the brief here:
Adolescent and Health Professional Perspectives on the Medical Home (PDF)