AYAH CoIIN Resources and Products

The Adolescent and Young Adult Health National Resource Center has adapted the CoIIN model to help selected states address the well visit for adolescents and young adults. The CoIIN model combines collaborative learning and quality improvement methods to drive a national strategy. We launched our first CoIIN in May 2015 with Iowa, Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas, and Vermont.  The second CoIIN was launched in April 2017 with Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Washington, and Wyoming.

Many of our CoIIN states have developed resources and materials that may be of use to other states focused on National Performance Measure #10, percent of adolescents with a past-year preventive visit. Check out the list of CoIIN state-developed products below.

  • Adolescent Well Visit Report: In 2016, the Iowa AYAH CoIIN team held focus groups with teens and parents to identify levels of awareness about the adolescent well visit, their level of knowledge about what happens during these visits, and the barriers and motivators for receiving them. This report contains the findings from these focus groups.
  • Minor Consent & Confidentiality in Mississippi: The Mississippi AYAH CoIIN team developed this guide to address teen concerns about confidentiality laws, minor consent laws, and reporting responsibilities for healthcare providers in an effort to increase access to and use of youth-friendly healthcare in Mississippi.
  • Know Your Health Toolkit: The New Mexico AYAH CoIIN team developedĀ a toolkit for healthcare providers and staff to utilize in promoting and empowering adolescent and young adult health. The goal of this toolkit is to increase youth-friendly services, quality preventive care, and the health literacy of youth.