NEW! A Compendium of State and Local Strategies

This compendium presents promising strategies to improve access to health insurance and quality preventive visits among AYAs.

This resource stems from an exploratory study conducted by NAHIC/AYAH-NRC staff to review the experiences of selected “top performing” states related to ACA implementation. Click here for the report, with descriptions of specific initiatives led by agencies, cities, communities, and state health departments in selected states.

Results from this study were also presented at the 2015 CoIIN Summit by NAHIC’s Dr. Claire Brindis and Lauren Twietmeyer. Click here to view the presentation!

Strategies to Improve Access to Health Insurance & Preventive Visits include:

  • Use of Community Agencies and Networks
  • Leverage Opportunities
  • Focus on Special Populations
  • Engage Youth

Strategies to Improve the Quality of Preventive Visits include:

  • Commitment to Bright Futures Guidelines
  • Focus on Medical Homes
  • Quality Improvement
  • Capacity-Building

An article based on this work was published in the Maternal and Child Health Journal. To view the abstract, click here.