Emerging Issues: Developing models of care for transgender youth

Developing models of care for transgender youth (Guss CE, Inwards-Breland D, Ozer E, Vance S. Experiences with Querying Gender Identity across Seven Adolescent Medicine Sites. Journal of Adolescent Health. Published on-line, August 2018.)

The AYAH-RN continues to advance our project on care for transgender youth, a key emerging issue.

This study, led by Carly Guss, MD (BCH), David Breland, MD (SCH/UW), and Stanley Vance, MD (UCSF), with guidance by Dr. Ozer aims to understand gender identity assessment and documentation and potential best practices and barriers across the clinical settings represented by the LEAH Projects. Findings showed 67% of clinics with electronic health records had a standardized gender identity question. Barriers to implementations of a standardized question included concerns about confidentiality, lack of trained providers, low numbers of transgender patients, and no validated gender identity question. In May 2018, Vance et al.’s paper on this study was accepted into the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Access the full article here.

The AYAH-RN’s support also contributed to a study examining the the effectiveness of stand-alone on-line modules, previously part of a larger program, on transgender-related self-perceived knowledge, objective knowledge and clinical self-efficacy of learners. Findings show that e-learning was an effective stand-alone intervention, enhancing these outcomes among learners. In June 2018, Vance et al. published their results in The Clinical Teacher. Click here to view the article.