Leveraging Technology in Adolescent Interventions: The Importance of A Development Framework

Leveraging technology in adolescent prevention and intervention: The importance of a development framework (A. Giovanelli, PhD, UCSF; E. Ozer, PhD, UCSF; R. Dahl, MD, UCB)

This paper, developed by the AYAH Research Network, aims to provide an integrated, trans-disciplinary view of the future of intervention and prevention in adolescent health. The authors make the case for the importance of a developmental lens in the design and implementation of interventions, leveraging windows of opportunity over the course of adolescence through technology, which has emerged as a key ecological context for today‚Äôs youth.

This paper draws on Dr. Ronald Dahl’s prior work in application of developmental neuroscience to intervention design and Dr. Elizabeth Ozer’s work incorporating technology into adolescent prevention frameworks in collaboration with computer scientists.