Framing Adolescent Health Webinar Series (2018 series)

Framing Adolescent Health: Are You Sending the Right Message

webinar series


This webinar series provides tools for shaping how people think about and support young people to be healthy, by borrowing strategies used by commercial advertisers, leveraging ideas from cognitive linguists, and applying findings from communication research. The Series was led by Glynis Shea, formerly of AYAH-NRC partner SAHRC.

Archived webinars in this series:

  • The Bottom Line (February 27, 2018): This “kickoff” session will provide a quick, macro view of the framing issues that define our communications challenges when it comes to supporting the health of young people. Archived webinar HERE!
  • Framing 101 (March 13, 2018): This is a return to basics: What is framing? What’s the difference between marketing and communications? How do we craft messages and communications that are “well framed.” How do we select – and learn about – our core audiences? What does it mean to talk about our values? Concepts will be explored through media analysis and tools. Archived webinar HERE!
  • Adolescents & Sex (March 27, 2018): A presentation of framing recommendations for communicating about adolescent health in general and sexual health specifically. We’ll take a deeper dive into competing priorities, critique public health materials and align communications with developmental strategies. Archived webinar HERE!
  • Equity, disparities, social determinants (April 10, 2018): Just because we find adolescent health disparities data compelling doesn’t mean anyone else does. In fact, to some audiences, our continued promotion of this data serves to reinforce corrosive beliefs about race, gender, sexual orientation and age. In this session, we investigate how to minimize the damage and blaze a new trail for how MCH thinks about health and health disparities. Archived webinar HERE!