April 18, 2021

Multi-Site Parent-Focused Intervention

Developing a parent-focused intervention (S. Harris, PhD, BCH/HU; M. Aalsma, PhD, IU; L. C. Ford, MD, U Penn; C. McCarty, PhD, & L. Richardson, MD, MPH & SCH/UW; Renee Sieving, PhD, RN, UMn; E. Ozer, Ph.D & Jane Park, MPH, UCSF)

Led by Dr. Sion Harris, with participation from a broad range of LEAH sites, the AYAH-Research Network is embarking on a multi-site project to develop, test and refine an intervention for parents who bring their adolescents to healthcare visits.

With the overall goal of motivating parents to access parenting resources, the intervention aims to create a tool to assess parents’ needs, followed by provision of a brief clinic-based intervention and linkage to additional resources.