March 23, 2023

COVID-19 NAHIC Resources

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The Adolescent and Young Adult Health Research Network has released a variety of resources (e.g., journal articles, presentations, overviews/fact sheets) on a breadth of health care topics related to adolescents and young adults (ages 10-25).

Below is a list of Network resources listed by resource type. This list will be continually updated as new resources become available.

To search for a specific type of resource by type, use the search filters below.

Leveraging Developmental Neuroscience

Parenting your (nearly) adult child

  • Dr. Elizabeth Ozer, AYAH-RN’s Principal Investigator, was interviewed in a recent article on how parenting practices need to evolve as teenagers get older and enter early adulthood.  Read the article here.
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SAHM 2017 Network ‘Technology’ Workshop

  • The Adolescent and Young Adult Health Research Network (AYAH-RN) held a workshop at the SAHM 2017 Annual Meeting— “Cultivating Connections: The Importance of Relationships in Adolescent and Young Adult Health.” AYAH-RN Workshop, March 8, 2017, “USING TECHNOLOGY TO EXTEND CLINICIANS’ PREVENTIVE REACH.” The Network is pleased to share presentations given by our staff and partners. Dr. Ozer, AYAH-RN Project Director, presented…
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Research on Clinical Preventive Services for Adolescents and Young Adults (JAH 2017)

  • Review article on Clinical Preventive Services. (Harris SK, Aalsma MC, Weitzman ER, et al. Research on clinical preventive services for adolescents and young adults: Where are we and where do we need to go? J Adolesc Health. 2017; 60(3): 249-60.) AYAH-Research Network partners authored a review article on AYA clinical preventive services (CPS), examining evidence for increasing access to CPS,…
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